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     Over thirty fixe years ago, while working as a paramedic, I experienced first hand the true need for BIOTEK® cases in the field of EMS.  While working a cardiac arrest at the top of a narrow staircase, my colleague accidentally kicked our tackle box full of medications.  Predictably, since everything we depended on was in that box, it went tumbling down the stairs! As the sickening sound of broken glass and plastic filled my ears I found myself panicked, angered and saddened at the same time (we've all been there before).  Panicked over the total disbelief of the situation at hand, angered over the utter lack of organization and protection our current case afforded and saddened that because of this, a patient's life could be lost.  I promised myself that this would never happen to me again.

      From that day forward my goal in EMS changed, and the concepts of BIOTEK® were born.  Thirty five years ago BIOTEK® became a reality as its first case was manufactured.   Over the last thirty fixe years BIOTEK® has been run with one goal in mind, to make the best product possible.  That difference sets us apart from everyone else.  That difference makes you, the customer and those patients you serve and protect our most important concern.  That difference has driven BIOTEK® to continually change its product with the changing face of EMS and ACLS protocols and to design new cases to meet the needs of street personnel.  BIOTEK® constantly strives to use the best materials and manufacturing modalities possible to make sure your case "survives" the strenuous demands placed on the most important item in your delivery system.   Have we succeeded?  Thousands of satisfied customers say we have.  BIOTEK® is not a large corporation with only a small interest in EMS.  BIOTEK® is a small business with its only interest in EMS.

     You will quickly notice that what began as a few quality cases have turned into a full line of quality storage cases with more sizes, colors and options than anyone.  We have cases specifically designed for storing standard BLS supplies as well as an entire line of specialized cases for ALS airway, drug and pediatric needs. BIOTEK® designs every case so that items of greatest importance are visible and easy to get to.  All such equipment is individually held in place with elastic strapping or Velcro closures.  This virtually eliminates all possibilities of shifting and costly breakage (even while flying down stairs!!).  Many cases have see through two-sided Acrylite center inserts that utilize space for equipment on both sides or Acrylite cabinetry in the bottom.  This design provides better organization than the shelves of tackle boxes or the zippers and pouches of soft packs with unlimited versatility and virtual indestructibility.  Re-stocking after a run is much easier, safer and faster because each item has a unique storage space built in.  This is an added benefit for billing and inventory control.  Clean up and decontamination, virtually impossible with soft packs and tackle boxes, is safe, quick and simple.  These concepts can only be found in a BIOTEK® case.  

 Michael L. Bagnoli DDS, MD

BIOTEK®   Founder